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About us

We at Unicorn Studios want to help you living the life of your dreams! How do we want to achieve this? Through our years of experience we know everything you need in order to build a scalable business through social media.

It doesn't matter if you already have success with OnlyFans, or if you haven't even started yet. With our help you will be able to celebrate success in the shortest possible time. Don't wait to contact us so we can start immediately!

Why should you work with us?

No skills required

You don't need to have any special skills, we will teach you everything. The only thing we need from you is your commitment
to achieve your dream life


Work from anywhere

We design your work so that you can do it easily from anywhere. So you can travel the world and earn money at the same time.

Work less, earn more  

You'll have a personal account manager who is always available for you and with whom you can always talk about your current situation.

Stay anonymous

You don't want your family and friends to know about this? No problem, we have developed a system to keep you as anonymous as possible.

  How do we make this work? -
Our Services

Build your Social Media

We have different marketing strategies for the development of social media, because we have already worked with many models, we know exactly where to start.

Proven System

You can leave all the thinking to us, we will always tell you exactly what you need to do, for example what content you need to create, so you don't have to worry about such things!

24/7 service and support

You'll have a personal account manager who is always available for you and with whom you can always talk about your current situation.

Managing your accounts​

Whether Instagram, TikTok or OnlyFans - we take over the entire management and planning so that you only have to create the content!​

Chatting on OnlyFans

We take over this part, through our marketing strategies people will subscribe and then we will take over the whole chat to make the most
money out of it.

Adapting to your situation

It doesn't matter where you are, we start right there and build on it. Whether you've never had anything to do with OnlyFans or you're already doing it but it's just not working, we'll take care of it!

Need some inspiration?

We’re creating superstars, one model at a time

$26.000 in February

.  Amy said, her DREAM would be to reach 10000 euro turnover on OnlyFans. After she alone already came to 7000 we have quadrupled the whole time.
She has used the money directly to move into her own apartment with a view over the entire city, earlier she was unsure whether she can afford it, now it is no longer a problem.

$14.500 in February

This is Madeline, she started working with us at the beginning of January, she never had anything to do with OnlyFans before. After we built up everything step by step, we could start earning real money in February.
With her first money, she made her dream to fly to the Maldives possible, the best thing is that she can continue to work from there just as she did before from home. 

$127.000 from July to February

This is Audrey, she has been working with us for a longest time. She is the best example that constant work is always rewarded, we have earned over 100K
dollars from July to February.
In the meantime, she has been able to help her parents out of debt financially and living the life of her dreams, while working only 1-2 hours a day.

The last step, the application.

Feel free to come up with your big idea.
We take care of the rest.

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How fast you excel within this business opportunity is completely dependent on your ability to take action on our exact instructions. For some, they earn life-changing money very quickly, for others, it takes longer, and it’s completely up to you.

You must be at least 18 years old and be totally committed to your own personal success and financial goals.

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If you’d like to work with us, please fill out the contact form below. Once this is received, we’ll reach out to clarify any questions you may have and give you further details on how we’ll work together, if we see you as a fitting candidate.